Miracle Essence Flower Essence Formula

Miracle Essence Flower Essence Formula

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Just a few drops in water or under the tongue supports you now—through crisis, injury, loss, anxiety, or pain. Flower essences can quickly repair and re-balancing your nervous system and calm inner stress and turmoil whether from a physical or emotional source. Take over time for chronic fear, stress, or challenge. (photo representation).  Below is a list of a few of the essences in the formula.

Pear-Hood River Valley Pear blossoms bring tranquility… quickly, when we need it

Yarrow-heals wounds, gives aura protection

Arnica-releases traumatic memory and events from the body and mind

Phantom Orchid-eases pain

White Bog Orchid-strengthens power to deal, make choices, opens healing energy in central channel in the body to angelic assistance

White Rose-helps you accept experience, integrate the change, repair nervous system circuitry breaks, grounding, mothering love

  • Issues: Crisis, Trauma, Fear, Injury, Stress

  • Ingredients: Water infusion of wildflowers of Pear, Yarrow, Phantom Orchid, Balsmaroot and others preserved in brandy.