Flowering Chakra Kit

Flowering Chakra Kit

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Open Your Chakras with Northwest Wildflowers

8 Flower Essence Formulas to help open, balance and clear your chakras. Read more on chakra balancing.

  • Chakra 1: Connect Flowering Root Chakra     Strengthen sense of security, vitality, kundalini, joy, life purpose, energy, grounding, release childhood issues-nervous system, lower pelvic/tailbone area. Proprietary formula includes: Poet's Shooting Star, Rose, Comfry, Manzanita

  • Chakra 2: Create  Flowering Sacral Chakra  Flow of feelings, creativity, abundance, sexuality, birthing--babies & projects, women's power, beauty, reproductive system, pelvic area. Proprietary formula includes: Yellow Bells, Avalanche Lily, Pomegranate

  • Chakra 3: Empower Flowering Solar Chakra Radiate Self confidence, acceptance, courage, clear decisions, discernment, emotional balance, joy, digestion, pancreas, navel area. Proprietary formula includes: Balsamroot, St. John's Wort, Monkey Flower, Mock Orange

  • Chakra 4: Relate Flowering Heart Chakra Become love, loving relationships, compassion, forgiveness, your dreams. Unified heart field, heart, lungs, thymus. Proprietary formula includes: Bleeding Hearts, Rose, Foxglove, Goat's Beard

  • Chakra 5: Flowering Throat Chakra Truth in communication, sound, manifesting, self-protections, responsibility, self assertion, needs/wants boundaries. Thyroid, throat/neck area. Proprietary formula includes:Larkspur Collomia, Magnolia

  • Chakra 6: Imagine Flowering Eye Chakra Open vision, imagination, intuition, clairvoyance, eyes, forehead/head area. Proprietary formula includes:  California Poppy, Ballhead Cluster Lily, Camas

  • Chakra 7: Enlighten FLowering Crown Chakra Be divine, openeness, enlightnment, unity, psychic-immunity, brain/top of head.Proprietary formula includes: Lotus, Yarrow, Periwinkle, Red Columbine.

  • Chakra 8: Clear Chakara Clearing Formula  Clear and purify your cental channel that links all chakras together, integrate change. Proprietary formula includes: Phantom Orchid Sagebrush, Goldenrod, Sweetgrass