How Do Flower Essences Work?

Inspiration from the wildflowers. Experience the true gifts of the flower and plant kingdom to reconnect you with Source energy for emotional healing, nurturing, support, and transformation. Open to Nature and the plant kingdom’s teachings & alignment with Joy!

Flower essences (flower remedies) are a form of vibrational or energy medicine. Each flower holds a specific healing energy pattern that balances discordant energy patterns. •Flower essences release stress. They work by strengthening, repairing, and realigning your electrical energy system or nervous system. •Flower essences help you cultivate healthy beliefs & attitudes. They open your awareness and understanding of how your thoughts and beliefs can create stress. Focusing your thoughts in a more positive way is a powerful path to wellness. •Flower essences help create emotional balance within by helping you resolve and release the past. By freeing fears, anxiety, chaos, stress, and wounds, healthy balance is restored. •Flower essences offer Soul Therapy. They are grounding and spiritually opening and nurture your soul’s growth. They bring self-worth!

Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences (Pacific Northwest) • Hawaii Creation Essences (Maui, Kauai) • Tree Essences • Moss Essence • Gem Essences (Gem Elixirs)

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are an unscented water-based solution that contains the vibrational chi (life-force imprint) of a flower. They can enhance your journey to calm, support, and stabilize you during crisis or work more gradually as a truly holistic means for achieving long-term emotional and mental balance.

How do flower essences work?

Flower essences are a form of vibrational or “energy” medicine. Each flower holds a specific healing energy pattern that helps you release stress by strengthening, repairing, and realigning your electrical energy system/nervous system. Flower essences help create emotional balance by helping you resolve and release the past. The flowers offer their uplifting, loving frequencies to enliven creativity and joy.

How do I take them?

This is a personal choice on how to work with flower essences. Some meditate with them, apply them to stones, ad them to water, body sprays, bath water. Simply take 6 drops in the form that suits you. 

How often?

This is an inuitive decision for you! 

Are they safe?

Flower essences are very safe and gentle for everyone and will not interfere with other medication; they improve the results of other healing modalities. The shelf life is 11 years if stored away from computers and excess heat. Flower essences are often preserved in brandy. To limit alcohol, add 6 drops to bath, atomizer, or quart of water. Or order non-alcohol flower essences from us.

How do I choose the right flower essence to take?

It is best to select an essence or formula through your intuition (what are you first drawn to), dowsing, or ask for help.

How do I use a pendulum?

Hold an intention that you want a strong, clear, objective YES or NO answer from a neutral place. Ask your higher self to guide you. To start using a pendulum, simply hold the pendulum in your hand over your other palm and ask for what a “YES” looks like and a “NO” answer. Take note of which direction the pendulum swings. Then hold a formula in your hand (close to your body or chakra or in your mind), hold the pendulum near the bottle, and ask the pendulum to indicate whether the essence is “strong” for you. If it swings in a YES direction, it will help you. Remember to trust your initial answer.

You can test others in this way, by making contact with them. Remember to take flower essences yourself before working with others.

How do I finger test for flower essences?

To test flower essences, you can also use finger testing by placing your pinky finger and thumb together in one hand. In your other hand, place your thumb and index finger pads together and gently pull out and away from each other as you insert it in the circuit made by your fingers. If the answer is a YES, there should be a strong “circuit”—your fingers will stay closed. You can start by practicing with your name and someone else’s name to see what a strong YES answer is and what a NO answer feels like and how much pressure to use. This can be used to test flower essences or any question. Hold a formula and ask “Is this flower essence the best one for me?” or “for this person?”

What is special about Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences?

Our regional essences are very healing. The Gorge holds a coherent energy field—like an open heart! They were made from beautiful and strong wildflowers, trees, gems and teach you how to trust your intuition and be in closer relationship to Mother Earth. They support you through transitions as they were created in a sacred way in a place of cataclysmic change.


How to Use Aromatherapy+Flower Essence Sprays

Use the aromatherapy sprays by simply misting around your body, your head, your chakras, your aura, and your heart. Fragrant flowers easily shift your mood, cleanse your energy field, uplift your spirits, and remind you how easy it is to hold positive intentions and feel joy in simple pleasures.

All sprays can be used as part of a healing treatment to balance, clear, and infuse frequencies of nature’s flowers into the session.

As a room spray, spray around the room to clear energy. It helps to hold an intention of clearing the energy as you do—it will be stronger! Spray over your bath, bedsheets, car, kid’s room or where ever you need exquisite scents and a fresh, clear energy.

Shake the bottle well and avoid eyes.

Miracle Oil is in jojoba oil and can be used as a massage oil or apply directly to the area of pain, tension, injury. Use every 20 minutes at onset of pain or injury. Then use as needed.

Power of Scent

Breathing deeply oxygenates and energizes our body and cells, and helps us embrace life more fully. Add delightful essential oils and infuse yourself with life-force strengthening healing plants.

The natural scents of aromatherapy instantly shift us into a more relaxed, balanced, energized, euphoric, and open state of being. Scent brings us more fully into the present and into connection with ourselves. The word I hear most is “Ahhhhh…” as no true words can describe how scent moves us.

Scent interfaces with the brain’s limbic system—the part of the brain that regulates memory, emotions, sleep patterns, and sexuality. Smell also has the ability to reach deeply into the past to ease and clear trauma.

What are Essential Oils?

Liberty Natural’s Lavender Farm, Oregon

Essential oils are potent volatile “oils” extracted from the seeds, bark, flowers, leaves, resin, and roots of plants. Because essential oils are so concentrated and highly fragrant, essential oils are used by the drop. It is best to use very high quality essential oils. As a certified aromatherapy since 1997, I only work with therapeutic quality essential oils.

Research: Essential Oils for Anxiety & Depression

In 1923, two Italian medical researchers published “The Action of Essences on the Nervous System.” In their research, they measures pulse rates, cardiovascular and respiratory activity before and after inhalation of essential oils.

Their recommendations for anxiety: Neroli, Petitgrain, Cedarwood, Chamomile (see Miracle Healing Oil & Mist), Melissa, Valerian essential oils. Only one essential oil was mentioned as an anti-depressant: Ylang Ylang (See Fairy Wings). It was also cited as an aphrodisiac, without explanation!

In the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, researcher Paolo Rovesti confirmed these results and added more oils to the list…


Neroli, Petitgrain, Cedarwood, Chamomile (see Miracle  Oil & Mist), Melissa, Valerian  and Bergamot (See Fairy Wings), Cypress, Lavender (see Miracle Healing Oil & Mist), Lime, Marjoram, Rose (see Starseed DNA Kit Spray, Heaven on Earth Spray), Violet Leaf.


Ylang Ylang (See Fairy Wings) and Jasmine, Orange, Sandalwood (see Liquid Sunshine), Lemon (see Sacred Space), Lemon verbena.

Peter & Kate Damian, Aromatherapy: Scent & Psyche: Using Essential Oils for Physical & Emotional Well-Being.